Which Scary Movie Has the Michael Jackson Scene?

If you’re a fan of horror movies and Michael Jackson, you might have heard about the infamous scene that features the King of Pop in a scary movie. The question is, which scary movie has that scene?

The answer is “Ghosts,” a 1997 short film directed by Stan Winston and written by Michael Jackson himself. In this film, Jackson plays multiple characters, including the main character known as the Maestro.

The plot revolves around the townsfolk accusing the Maestro of being a weirdo who terrorizes children. In retaliation, the Maestro shows them his supernatural powers by transforming into various ghoulish creatures.

The scene where Michael Jackson appears in “Ghosts” is undoubtedly one of its most memorable moments. However, it’s not a horror movie per se but rather a horror-themed music video that clocks in at around 40 minutes.

During that time frame, viewers are treated to some spectacular dance numbers featuring MJ and his signature moves. At one point, he transforms into a werewolf-like creature and scares off some kids who were trying to vandalize his mansion.

The scene is visually stunning and showcases Michael Jackson’s talent as an actor and performer. It’s also worth noting that “Ghosts” was initially intended to be part of a full-length feature film called “Is This Scary?,” which never saw the light of day.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the Michael Jackson scene in a scary movie, you won’t find it in traditional horror films. However, if you’re up for watching an entertaining and spooky music video with some MJ magic thrown in, check out “Ghosts.” You won’t be disappointed!