What Is Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you might have heard about Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie. This film was originally planned to be released in the early 90s but was never completed. It’s not surprising that many people are still curious about what the movie would have been like and why it was never released.

The Concept and Development

Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie, also known as Ghosts, was a collaborative project between Michael Jackson and horror movie legend Stephen King. The idea behind the movie was to create a short film that would showcase Jackson’s love for horror movies while also giving him an opportunity to display his incredible dance moves.

The film’s original script was written by Stephen King, and it featured Michael Jackson as the lead character. The story revolved around a character named Maestro who lived in a haunted mansion on the outskirts of town.

When the townspeople discover that Maestro is a ghost, they decide to run him out of town. But Maestro has other plans, and he decides to teach them a lesson they won’t forget.


The production of Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie began in 1993 when filming started at Neverland Ranch. Special effects legend Stan Winston was brought on board to help with the special effects, which included transforming Michael Jackson into several different characters throughout the film.

The movie also featured an original score composed by Michael Jackson himself, which added to the creepy atmosphere of the film.

Why Was It Never Released?

Despite all the effort put into making Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie, it was never completed or released due to legal issues between Michael Jackson and Sony Music Entertainment.

The dispute arose over ownership rights for another project that Michael Jackson had worked on with Sony called “Dangerous.” As a result of this legal battle, Sony decided not to release any more material from Michael Jackson, including Scary Movie.

The Legacy of Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie

Even though the movie was never completed or released, Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie still has a legacy in the world of horror movies. The concept art and footage that was shot during production have been released to the public, giving fans a glimpse into what the movie would have been like.

The film’s legacy also extends to other horror movies that have been inspired by it. For instance, the video game “Luigi’s Mansion” features a haunted mansion that is similar to the one in Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie.


In conclusion, Michael Jackson’s Scary Movie was a collaborative project between two legends in their respective fields of music and horror. Although it was never completed or released due to legal issues, its legacy lives on in the hearts of fans and in other horror movies that have been inspired by it.