Who Played Michael Jackson in Scary Movie?

If you’ve seen the horror-comedy Scary Movie 3, you might be wondering who played Michael Jackson in the film. The answer may surprise you.

In a memorable scene from the movie, Michael Jackson is portrayed by none other than Edward Moss, a talented impersonator of the late pop star. Moss also goes by the stage name E’Casanova and has been impersonating Michael Jackson for over a decade.

Moss’s performance as Michael Jackson in Scary Movie 3 was spot on, from his signature high-pitched voice to his iconic dance moves. He even wore a replica of one of MJ’s most famous outfits—a red leather jacket with black trim and matching pants.

For those who are unfamiliar with Moss’s work as an impersonator, he has appeared on several TV shows and even performed for Michael Jackson himself. In fact, Moss was hand-picked by MJ to perform at his birthday party in 2003.

Moss’s portrayal of Michael Jackson in Scary Movie 3 was not only impressive but also helped to add some comedic relief to the horror parody film. His performance was so convincing that some viewers may have even mistaken him for the real MJ.

In addition to Moss’s performance, Scary Movie 3 also featured several other celebrity cameos and parodies of popular horror films such as The Ring and Signs. The film was a box office success and remains a cult classic among fans of the horror-comedy genre.

Overall, Edward Moss’s portrayal of Michael Jackson in Scary Movie 3 was a standout moment in the film and showcased his talent as an impersonator. While he may not be as well-known as some other celebrity impersonators, his work as E’Casanova has earned him recognition among fans of MJ and those who appreciate skilled impersonators.