Where Was the Movie Catch a Christmas Star Filmed?

Are you a fan of the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies? If so, you may have watched the heartwarming film Catch a Christmas Star.

This romantic comedy was first released on November 17, 2013, and has since become a holiday classic for many families. The film stars Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Byers as Nikki Crandon and Chris Dempsey, respectively. However, one question that many viewers have is – where was the movie filmed?

Filming Locations

The majority of Catch a Christmas Star was filmed in Canada. Specifically, the movie was shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant arts scene.

The Historic Exchange District

One of the key filming locations for Catch a Christmas Star was the Historic Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg. This area is known for its beautiful architecture and historic buildings that date back to the late 1800s.

In particular, many scenes from the movie were filmed at Old Market Square which is located in the heart of this district. This location served as the backdrop for several key scenes such as Nikki’s concert and Chris’ proposal.

Assiniboine Park

Another important filming location for Catch a Christmas Star was Assiniboine Park. This park is located in central Winnipeg and covers over 1,100 acres of land.

It is home to many attractions such as a zoo, conservatory, sculpture garden, and more. In the movie, several scenes were shot at The Pavilion which is an iconic building located within Assiniboine Park.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Catch a Christmas Star was primarily filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba which provided an ideal backdrop for this heartwarming holiday movie. The Historic Exchange District and Assiniboine Park were two key locations that were used to create the charming and festive atmosphere of the film. If you’re ever in Winnipeg, be sure to check out these locations for yourself!