Where Is the Movie a Christmas Star Filmed?

If you’re a fan of Christmas movies, then you may have stumbled upon the heartwarming movie ‘A Christmas Star’. This movie has captured the hearts of many viewers with its inspiring storyline and beautiful scenery.

But have you ever wondered where this movie was filmed? In this article, we’ll take a look at the locations used in ‘A Christmas Star’ and how they added to the charm of the film.

The Plot of A Christmas Star

Before we dive into the filming locations, let’s take a quick look at what ‘A Christmas Star’ is all about. The movie follows Noelle, a young girl who was born under a Christmas star and believed to bring good luck to her town.

However, things take a turn when a ruthless businessman threatens to close down the town’s factory, putting everyone’s livelihoods at risk. With the help of her friends and family, Noelle sets out on a mission to save her town.

Filming Locations

‘A Christmas Star’ was filmed in Northern Ireland and specifically in Belfast and County Down. The filmmakers chose these locations for their stunning landscapes and historic buildings that added to the charm of the movie.


Belfast was used as a primary filming location for ‘A Christmas Star’. The city’s historic buildings and bustling streets served as the perfect backdrop for many scenes in the movie. One notable location used was St Anne’s Cathedral, which served as a setting for several key moments in the film.

County Down

County Down is located on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland and provided some breathtaking scenery for ‘A Christmas Star’. The quaint village of Castlewellan was used as Noelle’s hometown in the movie. The village’s picturesque streets and beautiful castle added to its charm.


In conclusion, ‘A Christmas Star’ was filmed in Northern Ireland, with Belfast and County Down serving as the primary filming locations. The stunning landscapes and historic buildings in these areas added to the charm of the movie and helped bring Noelle’s hometown to life. If you’re a fan of Christmas movies or just appreciate beautiful scenery, then ‘A Christmas Star’ is definitely worth a watch.