Is Girl on the Third Floor Movie Scary?

Girl on the Third Floor is a horror movie that was released in 2019. The film is directed by Travis Stevens and stars CM Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, and Sarah Brooks.

The story follows a man named Don Koch who buys an old house in the suburbs with the intention of renovating it before his wife arrives. However, as he begins to work on the house, he realizes that there are dark forces at play within its walls.

What Makes Girl on the Third Floor Scary?

Girl on the Third Floor uses a variety of techniques to create a sense of terror in its viewers. One of the most effective ways it does this is through its use of sound design.

Throughout the movie, there are eerie noises that can be heard in the background such as creaking floorboards and whispers. These sounds are used to build tension and create an unsettling atmosphere.

Another technique used by Girl on the Third Floor is its use of lighting. The house that Don is renovating is old and dilapidated, which means that it’s often dark and shadowy inside. The filmmakers use this darkness to their advantage by creating moments where something can be seen lurking just beyond sight.

Additionally, the movie employs jump scares at key moments to frighten viewers. These jump scares are often accompanied by loud noises or sudden movements which make them all the more startling.

What Are Some of the Themes Explored in Girl on the Third Floor?

While Girl on the Third Floor is primarily a horror movie, it also explores several themes throughout its runtime. One of these themes is redemption.

Don Koch has a troubled past and has made some poor decisions in his life. By renovating this old house, he hopes to start fresh and make amends for his mistakes.

Another theme explored in Girl on the Third Floor is guilt. As Don begins to uncover more about the history of his new home, he realizes that there are dark secrets hidden within its walls. He begins to feel guilty for his role in the renovation of the house and for not realizing the danger sooner.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Girl on the Third Floor is a scary movie that effectively uses sound design, lighting, and jump scares to create an unsettling atmosphere. However, it’s also a movie that explores some interesting themes such as redemption and guilt. If you’re a fan of horror movies, then Girl on the Third Floor is definitely worth checking out.