Is the Movie Becky Scary?

Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, you might have heard about the latest film on the block – Becky.

This movie, which was released in 2020, has been generating a lot of buzz in the horror community. But is it really as scary as people are making it out to be? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Becky?

Becky is a horror-thriller movie directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion. The story revolves around a young girl named Becky (played by Lulu Wilson) who goes on a weekend getaway with her father to their lake house. However, things take a dark turn when a group of escaped convicts led by Dominick (played by Kevin James) invade their home.

The Horror Elements

Now, let’s talk about what makes this movie scary. First and foremost, the violence depicted in the movie is quite graphic and intense.

There are scenes where characters are brutally murdered, and blood is splattered everywhere. This might not be suitable for viewers who are sensitive to violence.

Additionally, there are some jump scares in the movie that might make you jump out of your seat. These moments are well-executed and add to the overall tension of the film.

The Thriller Elements

Apart from the horror elements, Becky also has some thriller aspects that make it an engaging watch. The cat-and-mouse game between Becky and Dominick keeps you on edge throughout the movie. You never know what either character is going to do next, which adds to the suspense factor.

Final Verdict

So, is Becky scary? The answer is yes – but only if you’re into horror movies that involve graphic violence. If you’re someone who gets scared easily or doesn’t like gore, this might not be the movie for you.

However, if you’re a fan of the horror genre and enjoy intense movies, then Becky is definitely worth a watch. The storyline is unique, the acting is great, and the visuals are well-done. Just be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

  • Pros: Unique storyline, great acting, well-executed visuals
  • Cons: Graphic violence might not be suitable for everyone

Overall Rating: 8/10

In conclusion, Becky is a horror-thriller movie that has managed to leave an impression on audiences. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into intense and graphic horror movies.