Will There Be a Star Trek 4 Movie?

The Star Trek franchise has been a staple of science fiction for over 50 years, captivating audiences with its exploration of the final frontier. With the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, fans eagerly awaited news of a fourth installment in the reboot series. However, rumors and uncertainty continue to surround the possibility of a Star Trek 4 movie.

What We Know So Far

In August 2018, it was reported that negotiations between Chris Pine (who portrays Captain Kirk) and Paramount Pictures had fallen through due to salary disputes. This was followed by news that talks with Chris Hemsworth (who played Kirk’s father in the 2009 film) had also stalled. Both actors were set to reprise their roles in Star Trek 4, which would have explored the relationship between Kirk and his father.

Despite these setbacks, Paramount Pictures announced in January 2019 that S.J. Clarkson had been hired as director for Star Trek 4, making her the first female director in the franchise’s history. However, in August of that same year, it was reported that production on the film had been put on hold indefinitely.

What Could Happen Next?

The uncertainty surrounding Star Trek 4 has left fans wondering about the future of the franchise. In November 2019, it was announced that Noah Hawley – creator of Fargo and Legion – had been hired to write and direct a new Star Trek film. It is unclear whether this project will be a continuation of the reboot series or an entirely new story.

Additionally, there have been reports that Quentin Tarantino has expressed interest in directing a Star Trek film. In December 2019, he stated in an interview that he had “steered away” from the project but did not rule out returning to it at some point.


So will there be a Star Trek 4 movie? The answer is still uncertain.

While negotiations with key cast members have stalled and production on the film has been put on hold, there are still potential projects in the works that could continue the franchise. Whether it’s Noah Hawley’s new film or a possible Tarantino-directed project, fans of Star Trek can remain hopeful for more adventures in the final frontier.