Will There Be a Movie for the Show Star?

Rumors have been swirling around about a possible movie adaptation of the hit show “Star”. Fans of the show are eagerly waiting for an official announcement from the creators, but until then, we can only speculate.

What is “Star”?

For those unfamiliar with the show, “Star” is a musical drama series that premiered on Fox in 2016. Created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy, the show follows the story of three young female singers who form a girl group in Atlanta.

Why Fans Want a Movie Adaptation

“Star” has gained a dedicated fan base over its three-season run. The show’s unique blend of music, drama, and social issues has made it a fan-favorite.

Fans have been clamoring for more content since its cancellation in May 2019. A movie adaptation would give fans closure and allow them to see their favorite characters one last time.

The Possibility of a “Star” Movie

While there hasn’t been an official announcement about a “Star” movie, there have been some hints from the cast and crew. In an interview with Deadline, Lee Daniels said: “We’re doing something that I can’t talk about yet. But I’m really excited.”

Additionally, many of the show’s cast members have expressed their interest in returning for a potential movie adaptation. Ryan Destiny, who played Alexandra Crane on the show, tweeted: “If they make a ‘Star’ movie imma be so happy cause I miss my girls.”

What We Can Expect From a “Star” Movie

If a “Star” movie does come to fruition, fans can expect to see their favorite characters back on screen once again. The movie could pick up where the series left off or take place years later.

One thing that made “Star” unique was its focus on social issues such as police brutality, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health. A movie adaptation could continue to explore these themes in a more in-depth way.


While we don’t know for sure if there will be a “Star” movie, there are certainly many reasons why it would be a hit with fans. The show’s unique blend of music and drama, combined with its focus on important social issues, has made it a fan-favorite. If a movie adaptation does come to fruition, fans can expect to see their favorite characters once again and possibly even gain closure for the show’s cancellation.