Will the Wayans Brothers Make Another Scary Movie?

The Wayans Brothers have become synonymous with comedy films, particularly the Scary Movie franchise. With the last Scary Movie installment, Scary Movie 5, being released in 2013, fans have been eagerly anticipating another entry in the series. However, there has been no official announcement regarding a new Scary Movie film.

The History of Scary Movie Franchise:

The first Scary Movie film was released in 2000 and was a parody of popular horror films like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. The movie was a massive success, grossing over $278 million worldwide. The film spawned four sequels, with the latest being Scary Movie 5 which starred Ashley Tisdale and Charlie Sheen.

The Wayans Brothers Involvement:

The Wayans Brothers were involved in the creation and production of the first two Scary Movie films. However, they did not have any involvement in the third or fourth installments. Marlon Wayans did make a brief appearance in Scary Movie 5 but had no involvement in its production.

It is unclear if the Wayans Brothers will be involved in any future installments of the franchise. However, given their history with the series and their success as comedic filmmakers, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them return to helm another Scary Movie film.

Other Possibilities:

If the Wayans Brothers do not return for another Scary Movie film, it’s possible that another filmmaker could take over the franchise. With horror movies continuing to be popular with audiences, there is definitely potential for more parody films like Scary Movie.

  • Some potential directors who could take over include David Zucker who directed Airplane! and The Naked Gun.
  • Another possibility could be Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who wrote and directed movies like Date Movie and Disaster Movie.

While these directors are not confirmed to be involved in any future Scary Movie films, they have experience in creating successful parody movies and could bring a fresh perspective to the franchise.

In Conclusion:

At this time, there is no official word on whether or not the Wayans Brothers will make another Scary Movie film. However, given their history with the series and their success as comedic filmmakers, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them return.

If they don’t return, there are still plenty of other directors who could take over the franchise and create a successful parody film. Fans of the Scary Movie franchise will just have to wait and see what happens next.