Why Is There No Scary Movie 6?

As fans of the horror genre eagerly await the next installment in the Scary Movie franchise, many are left wondering why there hasn’t been a Scary Movie 6. The popular spoof series, which began in 2000, has produced five movies to date, each poking fun at well-known horror films and tropes.

So what’s the reason behind the lack of a sixth installment? Let’s explore.

Box Office Performance

One of the main reasons for the absence of Scary Movie 6 is its box office performance. While the first four films in the series were commercially successful, grossing nearly $900 million worldwide combined, the fifth film didn’t fare as well.

Scary Movie 5, released in 2013, only earned around $78 million worldwide. This was a significant drop from its predecessors and may have contributed to studios’ reluctance to greenlight another film.

Creative Struggles

Another factor behind the lack of Scary Movie 6 could be creative struggles within the franchise. The series has seen several changes in writers and directors over the years, which may have led to inconsistencies in tone and quality.

In addition, some critics and fans have criticized later installments for relying too heavily on pop culture references rather than horror movie parodies. These creative challenges could have made it difficult for studios to justify investing in another film.


The horror parody genre itself has also faced increased competition over recent years. Other successful franchises like Meet The Spartans and Vampires Suck, both produced by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who wrote Scary Movie 1-4), have emerged as strong contenders in this space. With more options available for audiences seeking comedic takes on horror movies, studios may find it harder to justify investing in another Scary Movie film.


In conclusion, the absence of Scary Movie 6 can be attributed to a combination of factors including declining box office performance, creative struggles, and increased competition. While it’s disappointing for fans who enjoyed the series’ irreverent take on horror films, it’s possible that the franchise has run its course. However, with horror movies continuing to be a popular genre and audiences always hungry for comedy, it’s possible that we may see a new horror parody franchise emerge in the future.