Why Is the Star Movie PG?

Have you ever wondered why some movies are rated PG? One such movie that falls under this category is the 2017 animated film, ‘The Star’.

This movie, which tells the story of the Nativity of Jesus from the perspective of animals, has a rating of PG. But what does this rating mean and why was it given to this particular movie?

What does PG mean?

PG stands for Parental Guidance. This means that some material in the movie may not be suitable for children under a certain age without parental guidance. The exact age may vary depending on the country or region, but generally, children under the age of 8 may find some scenes or dialogue in a PG-rated movie confusing or scary.

Why is ‘The Star’ rated PG?

‘The Star’ is rated PG for some mild thematic elements. The movie features a retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of animals such as Bo the donkey and Ruth the sheep. While most of the content is suitable for young audiences, there are a few scenes that may require parental guidance.

For instance, there is a scene where Bo and his friends are chased by Roman soldiers who are searching for Mary and Joseph. This scene may be intense or frightening for younger viewers. Additionally, there are a few instances where characters use mild language such as “butt” and “idiot”, which may be deemed inappropriate for very young children.

What other factors contribute to a movie’s rating?

Aside from thematic elements, other factors that contribute to a movie’s rating include violence, sexual content, drug use, and language. Movies with excessive violence or graphic sexual content usually receive an R-rating (Restricted), which means that viewers below 17 years old cannot watch it without parental permission.

  • Violence: Scenes depicting intense violence or gore such as shootings, stabbings, or mutilations may be deemed unsuitable for young viewers.
  • Sexual content: Movies that feature explicit sex scenes, nudity, or sexual dialogue may be given an R-rating to prevent children from being exposed to such content.
  • Drug use: Movies that depict drug use or addiction may receive a higher rating due to the potential harm it can cause to young viewers.
  • Language: The use of profanity or vulgar language may also contribute to a movie’s rating. Movies that feature excessive cursing or racial slurs may be deemed inappropriate for younger audiences.

In conclusion

The PG rating is given to movies that contain some material that may not be suitable for young children without parental guidance. ‘The Star’, with its mild thematic elements and occasional mild language, falls under this category.

As a parent or guardian, it’s important to pay attention to movie ratings and make informed decisions about what your child watches. By doing so, you can ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable viewing experience.