Why Is the Movie Veronica So Scary?

Veronica, a Spanish horror film directed by Paco Plaza, has become a sensation among horror movie lovers. The movie revolves around the story of a teenage girl named Veronica who tries to communicate with her deceased father using an Ouija board during a solar eclipse. However, things take a terrifying turn when she accidentally summons an evil entity that starts haunting her and her family.

So what makes this movie so scary? Let’s delve deeper into the various elements that contribute to its spine-tingling effect.

The Setting

Veronica is set in Madrid in the early 1990s. The dimly lit hallways and cramped apartment setting create an atmosphere of claustrophobia and uneasiness.

The use of shadows and muted colors adds to the overall sense of dread. The entire movie takes place in one location, which makes the viewer feel trapped along with the characters.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is another element that contributes to the eerie atmosphere of Veronica. The music consists of creaking floorboards, whispers, and unidentifiable sounds that build up tension throughout the movie. There are also moments where there is complete silence, which only serves to intensify the jump scares.

The Acting

The acting in Veronica is exceptional, especially considering the young age of its cast members. Sandra Escacena gives a remarkable performance as Veronica, portraying fear and desperation convincingly. The chemistry between Escacena and her co-stars Bruna González (Lucia) and Claudia Placer (Irene) feels authentic and helps build empathy towards their characters.

The Storyline

The storyline itself is not groundbreaking – it follows the typical horror tropes of Ouija boards and demonic possessions. However, it’s executed exceptionally well with no loose ends or plot holes. The pacing is perfect – there are moments where the viewer is given time to breathe and moments where the tension is cranked up to eleven.

The Realism

One of the scariest elements of Veronica is its realism. The movie is based on real-life events that took place in Madrid in 1991.

The director has stated that he wanted to remain true to the original story as much as possible, which only adds to the sense of terror. The fact that this could happen to anyone makes it all the more frightening.

In conclusion, Veronica is a masterclass in horror filmmaking. Its use of setting, soundtrack, acting, storyline and realism combine to create an experience that will leave you with chills down your spine.

If you’re a horror fan, this movie should be at the top of your watch list. But be warned – it’s not for the faint-hearted!