Why Is the Exorcist Movie So Scary?

The Exorcist Movie is one of the scariest movies ever made in the history of cinema. The movie was released in 1973 and its impact is still felt even today.

The movie deals with the possession of a young girl, Regan, by a demon and the attempts by two priests to save her from this evil force. There are several reasons why this movie is so scary.

Realistic portrayal of possession

The Exorcist Movie’s portrayal of possession is very realistic. The way Regan’s body contorts, the things she says and does, and the general atmosphere created by the movie make it seem like what we’re seeing is actually happening. This creates a sense of dread and fear in the audience that is hard to shake off.

The use of sound

Sound plays a huge role in making The Exorcist Movie so scary. From the eerie music to the sounds Regan makes when possessed, every sound in this movie adds to its overall creepy atmosphere. The use of silence also plays an important role in creating tension and suspense.

The special effects

For its time, The Exorcist Movie had groundbreaking special effects that made it even more terrifying. From Regan’s spinning head to her levitating bed, these effects were not only impressive but also served to reinforce the idea that what we were watching was real.

The religious themes

The Exorcist Movie deals with religious themes such as faith, doubt, good vs evil and redemption. These themes add another layer of fear to the movie for those who are religious or spiritual because they believe that demons and possession could happen.


In conclusion, The Exorcist Movie is scary because it portrays possession realistically through its use of sound, special effects, and religious themes. It’s a classic horror movie that has stood the test of time and continues to scare audiences even today. If you haven’t seen it yet, be prepared for a terrifying experience.

  • Realistic portrayal of possession
  • The use of sound
  • The special effects
  • The religious themes


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