Why Is Saw Movie So Scary?

Saw is a horror movie franchise that has been terrifying audiences for over a decade. The movies are known for their gruesome and twisted traps, which often involve the characters being forced to make difficult choices in order to survive. But what is it about Saw that makes it so scary?

The Traps

One of the most obvious reasons why Saw is so scary is because of the traps. The franchise is known for its elaborate and gruesome traps that are designed to test the characters’ will to live. These traps often involve mutilation, dismemberment, and other forms of extreme violence.

For example, in one of the movies, a character is forced to cut off their own arm in order to escape a trap. This kind of extreme violence is shocking and disturbing to watch, which is what makes it so effective at scaring audiences.

The Psychological Horror

Another reason why Saw is so scary is because of its focus on psychological horror. The movies often explore themes such as morality, justice, and revenge, which can be deeply unsettling for viewers.

This psychological horror is often woven into the traps themselves. For example, in one trap, two characters are chained together with a saw between them.

In order to escape, one character must kill the other. This presents a moral dilemma that forces the characters (and viewers) to question their own values and beliefs.

The Twist Endings

Finally, another reason why Saw is so scary is because of its twist endings. The movies are known for their unexpected plot twists that completely change the viewer’s perspective on what they just watched.

These twist endings can be particularly effective at scaring viewers because they often involve revealing that one or more characters were not who they seemed or had ulterior motives all along.

In conclusion, Saw is a horror movie franchise that is able to scare audiences through its use of gruesome traps, psychological horror, and unexpected plot twists. If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch, Saw is definitely worth checking out (if you have the stomach for it!).