Why Is My Twitter Video Low Quality?

Are you tired of uploading videos on Twitter only to find out that the quality is lower than expected? There could be several reasons why your Twitter video quality is low. In this article, we’ll explore some possible causes and how to fix them.

1. Video Compression

Twitter compresses all videos uploaded to their platform. This is done to reduce the file size and make it easier for users with slower internet speeds to watch the video.

However, this can also result in a loss of quality. To minimize this, try to upload high-quality videos that are optimized for Twitter’s compression algorithm.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Your internet connection can also affect the quality of your Twitter videos. If your internet speed is slow or unstable, it may take longer for the video to load and play, resulting in buffering or lower quality playback. Try uploading your video when you have a stable and fast internet connection.

3. Video Format

The type of video format you upload can also affect its quality on Twitter. Twitter supports several video formats, including MP4 and MOV files.

However, some formats may not be compatible with their compression algorithm or may result in lower quality playback. To ensure high-quality playback on Twitter, try uploading MP4 or MOV files.

4. Uploading from Mobile Devices

If you’re uploading videos from your mobile device, it’s important to consider the device’s camera settings. Some mobile devices automatically reduce video resolution or frame rate to save storage space or battery life. Make sure that your camera settings are optimized for high-quality video recording before uploading them on Twitter.

5. Editing Software

The software used to edit your videos can also impact their quality on Twitter. Some editing software may not be optimized for Twitter’s compression algorithm, resulting in lower quality playback. To ensure high-quality videos on Twitter, try using editing software that is compatible with the platform.


In summary, there could be several reasons why your Twitter video quality is low. These include video compression, poor internet connection, video format, mobile device settings and editing software. By following these tips and suggestions, you can optimize your videos for high-quality playback on Twitter.