Why Is It the Movie Scary?

Movies come in different genres, and one of the most popular genres is horror. A good horror movie should be able to scare its viewers, but what makes a movie scary? In this article, we will explore the elements that contribute to the scariness of a movie.


Atmosphere plays an important role in making a movie scary. The setting, lighting, and sound effects create an eerie atmosphere that puts viewers on edge. For example, a dark and abandoned house with creaking floorboards and flickering lights can create a sense of dread in viewers.

Sound Effects

Sound effects are an important element in horror movies. They help to build tension and suspense. The sound of footsteps approaching or a door creaking can make viewers tense up in anticipation of what’s about to happen next.

Jump Scares

Jump scares are a common technique used in horror movies. They involve sudden loud noises or images that startle viewers and make them jump out of their seats. While jump scares can be effective, they should not be overused as they can become predictable and lose their effect.


The characters in horror movies are also important in creating fear in viewers. A well-developed villain can be terrifying, while relatable protagonists make it easier for viewers to empathize with their fear. Smart writing with well-defined characters can add depth and make the audience connect more emotionally with the story.


Gore is another element commonly found in horror movies. It involves graphic violence or disturbing imagery that can shock and disgust viewers. Gore has become increasingly popular over time but it should be used judiciously so as not to overshadow the story itself.

Tension Building

Building tension is essential for any good horror movie. It involves gradually increasing the level of fear and suspense until it reaches a climax.

This can be achieved through pacing, cinematography, and storytelling. A well-told story that builds up tension can keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Twists and Endings

Twists and endings are also essential in horror movies. A good twist or ending can leave viewers with a sense of unease or shock. It also can create opportunities for sequels or prequels.


In conclusion, the elements discussed above contribute to making a movie scary. Atmosphere, sound effects, characters, gore, tension building, twists and endings all play a role in creating fear in viewers. A well-crafted horror movie should be able to use these elements effectively to scare its audience while also telling an engaging story that keeps them invested till the end.