Why Is iMessage Video Quality So Bad?

Have you ever noticed that the video quality on iMessage is not up to par? You’re not alone.

Many users have expressed frustration over the poor video quality on iMessage. In this article, we will explore why iMessage video quality is so bad and what you can do to improve it.

What Causes Poor Video Quality on iMessage?

There are several reasons why iMessage video quality may be subpar. One of the main reasons is that iMessage uses a compression algorithm to shrink the size of videos before sending them. This compression reduces the file size, but also reduces the quality of the video.

Another reason for poor video quality on iMessage is the lack of support for high-resolution videos. Currently, iMessage only supports up to 1080p resolution. If you try to send a higher resolution video, it will be compressed and lose quality.

How Can You Improve Video Quality on iMessage?

While there’s no way to completely eliminate compression from your videos sent over iMessage, there are a few things you can do to improve its quality:

1. Use Wi-Fi instead of Cellular Data

Using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data can help improve your video quality on iMessage. Wi-Fi connections tend to be faster and more stable than cellular connections, which means that your videos will upload and download faster and with less lag.

2. Use Third-Party Apps

If you want to send high-quality videos without any compression, you may want to consider using third-party apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. These apps support high-resolution videos and offer better compression algorithms than iMessage.

3. Reduce Video Length

Reducing the length of your videos can also help improve their quality when sending them over iMessage. Shorter videos have smaller file sizes, which means they will be subject to less compression.

4. Use a Different App

If you’re not satisfied with the video quality on iMessage, you may want to consider using a different app altogether. There are many messaging apps available that support high-quality video, including Google Duo and Skype.


In conclusion, iMessage video quality is not up to par due to the compression algorithm used by the app and lack of support for high-resolution videos. While there are ways to improve video quality on iMessage, it may be worth considering using a different app altogether if you’re not satisfied with its current performance.