Why Is Cats Movie So Scary?

If you’ve seen the Cats movie, you may have been surprised by how scary and unsettling it was. Many people were left wondering why a movie about singing and dancing cats could be so disturbing. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why the Cats movie is so scary.

Uncanny Valley

One of the main reasons why the Cats movie is so creepy is because of something called the uncanny valley. The uncanny valley is a term used to describe the feeling of unease or discomfort people experience when they encounter something that looks almost but not quite human. This can happen when something looks too realistic or human-like, but still has subtle differences that make it seem off-putting.

In the Cats movie, the actors are transformed into cat-like creatures using CGI technology. While they still look mostly human, their faces and bodies have been altered to resemble cats. This creates an uncanny valley effect that can be quite unsettling for viewers.

Strange Proportions

Another reason why the Cats movie is so scary is because of the strange proportions of the characters. In order to make them look more like cats, their bodies have been elongated and their limbs have been stretched out. This gives them a strange and unnatural appearance that can be quite jarring.

Additionally, some characters have very exaggerated features, such as enormous breasts or extremely muscular arms. These features can be both distracting and unsettling for viewers.


Another aspect of the Cats movie that has caused controversy is its sexualization of its feline characters. Many scenes in the film feature sensual dancing and suggestive movements that some viewers found inappropriate for a family-friendly movie.

Additionally, some characters are portrayed as sexual objects rather than fully-realized personalities. For example, one female character’s only defining trait seems to be her sexuality, which has drawn criticism from some feminist groups.

Lack of Plot

Finally, the lack of plot in the Cats movie may have contributed to its overall sense of unease. While there is a loose storyline about a group of cats vying for a chance to be reborn, it’s mostly an excuse for the characters to sing and dance.

This lack of narrative structure can make the movie feel disjointed and confusing. Without a clear plot to follow, viewers may be left feeling disoriented and uncomfortable.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why the Cats movie is so scary. From its uncanny valley effect to its strange proportions and sexualization, it can be a deeply unsettling experience for some viewers.

Additionally, its lack of plot may contribute to its overall sense of unease. Whether or not you find it frightening, there’s no denying that the Cats movie has sparked a lot of discussion and debate.