Why Is Amazon Prime Video So Low Quality?

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. However, some users have reported that the video quality on Amazon Prime is not up to par with other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. In this article, we will explore why Amazon Prime Video quality may be lower than expected.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and original content. It is available as part of an Amazon Prime subscription which also includes free shipping on eligible items, access to music streaming, and more.

How does Amazon Prime Video work?

Amazon Prime Video works by streaming video content over the internet to your device. The quality of the video depends on several factors such as your internet connection speed, device capabilities, and the quality of the source file.

Why is Amazon Prime Video quality lower than expected?

There are several reasons why Amazon Prime Video quality may be lower than expected:

1. Internet Connection Speed

The most common reason for poor video quality on Amazon Prime Video is a slow internet connection speed. If your internet connection speed is slow or fluctuating, it can cause buffering and lead to a lower-quality viewing experience.

2. Device Capabilities

Another reason for low-quality video on Amazon Prime could be due to device capabilities. Some devices may not be able to support high-definition (HD) or ultra-high-definition (UHD) video playback which can result in a reduced viewing experience.

3. Quality of Source File

The quality of the source file also plays a role in determining the overall video quality on Amazon Prime Video. If the original file has low resolution or poor encoding, it can result in low-quality video playback regardless of your internet connection speed or device capabilities.

How to improve Amazon Prime Video quality?

There are several ways to improve the video quality on Amazon Prime Video:

  • Ensure that you have a stable and fast internet connection.
  • Upgrade your device to one that supports HD or UHD video playback.
  • Adjust the streaming quality settings in your Amazon Prime Video account to prioritize higher-quality video playback.
  • Choose videos with higher resolution and better encoding for a better viewing experience.


Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of content. While some users have reported lower-than-expected video quality, there are several factors that can contribute to this issue. By ensuring a stable internet connection, using devices that support HD or UHD, adjusting streaming settings, and choosing high-quality source files, you can improve your overall viewing experience on Amazon Prime Video.