Why Is Amazon Prime Video Quality So Poor?

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming services worldwide. However, many users complain about the poor video quality they experience while watching their favorite movies and TV shows on the platform. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Amazon Prime Video quality is so poor and what you can do to improve it.

Internet Speed

One of the primary reasons for poor video quality on Amazon Prime Video is slow internet speed. If your internet connection is slow, the video’s quality will automatically drop to accommodate for buffering issues. This can lead to pixelated images, blurry visuals, and distorted audio.


It’s recommended that you have a minimum internet speed of 5 Mbps for standard definition (SD) streaming and at least 25 Mbps for high-definition (HD) streaming. If your internet speed isn’t up to par, consider upgrading your internet plan or connecting directly with an Ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi.

Device Compatibility

Another reason why you may experience poor video quality on Amazon Prime Video is due to device compatibility issues. Some devices may not be compatible with the platform or may have outdated software that affects streaming quality.


Ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements set by Amazon Prime Video to ensure smooth streaming. You can check their website for a list of compatible devices and update your device’s software whenever necessary.

Content Availability

Sometimes, the video quality may be affected by factors outside of your control. For instance, some movies or TV shows might not be available in HD or Ultra HD formats due to licensing agreements or technical challenges like aspect ratio conversion problems during encoding.


While there isn’t much you can do about content availability on Amazon Prime Video, you can check if a particular title is available in HD before streaming it. Additionally, you can adjust your video quality settings to ensure the best possible experience.

Video Quality Settings

Amazon Prime Video allows users to adjust their video quality settings based on their internet speed and device compatibility. However, some users may not be aware of these settings, which can lead to poor video quality.


To adjust your video quality settings on Amazon Prime Video, go to “Settings” and select “Playback Quality.” Here you can choose from options such as “Best,” “Better,” “Good,” and “Data Saver” to optimize your viewing experience.


In conclusion, Amazon Prime Video poor video quality can be attributed to a variety of factors such as slow internet speed, device compatibility issues, content availability, and video quality settings. By understanding these factors and implementing the solutions mentioned above, you can enjoy a seamless streaming experience on Amazon Prime Video.