Why Do People Not Like the New Star Wars Movie?

The Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest and most beloved in cinematic history. Since the release of the first film in 1977, fans have been captivated by the epic story, memorable characters, and stunning visual effects. However, with the release of the latest Star Wars film, not everyone has been pleased.

In fact, many fans have voiced their disappointment with the newest movie. So why do people not like the new Star Wars movie? Let’s take a closer look.

Change is Hard

One reason why some fans may not like the new Star Wars movie is simply due to change. The franchise has been around for over 40 years and has accumulated a huge following over that time. As such, any changes made to the story or characters may be met with resistance from long-time fans who have grown attached to certain aspects of the series.

The Plot

Another reason why some fans may not like the new Star Wars movie is due to its plot. While some enjoyed the storyline and thought it was a fresh take on the franchise, others thought it was too predictable or lacked depth compared to previous films in the series.

The Characters

Characters are an integral part of any Star Wars film, and The Rise of Skywalker was no exception. However, some fans felt that certain characters weren’t given enough screen time while others didn’t receive proper character development. Additionally, some felt that certain character arcs were rushed or didn’t make sense within the context of the larger storyline.

The Visuals

One aspect that most fans can agree on is that Star Wars films always look amazing on screen. However, some critics have noted that The Rise of Skywalker relied too heavily on CGI effects rather than practical effects used in previous films.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why people may not like the new Star Wars movie. Whether it’s due to a dislike of change, the plot, characters, or visuals, everyone has their own opinion on what makes a great Star Wars film. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual fan to decide whether they enjoyed the latest installment in the franchise or not.