Why Did Tori Spelling Quit Scary Movie 2?

Tori Spelling is a well-known actress who has contributed to several successful TV shows and movies. One such movie was the horror-comedy “Scary Movie 2”, which was released in 2001.

However, many fans were left wondering why Tori Spelling quit the movie midway through filming. Here’s what we know.


Before we dive into why Tori Spelling left “Scary Movie 2”, let’s talk about the movie itself. “Scary Movie 2” was a sequel to the highly successful horror-comedy “Scary Movie”. The movie followed a group of college students who are invited to spend the weekend at a haunted house, where they encounter various supernatural and comical situations.

Tori Spelling was cast as one of the main characters in the movie, Alex Monday. Alex was one of the college students who visited the haunted house along with her friends.

Why Did Tori Spelling Quit?

Tori Spelling began filming for “Scary Movie 2” as per schedule but had to leave after just a few days due to personal reasons. According to sources, Tori had stomach pains that were too severe to ignore, and she needed medical attention.

While it wasn’t clear what caused her stomach pains, it was speculated that it could have been due to stress or anxiety caused by her recent divorce from her first husband, Charlie Shanian.

The Replacement

After Tori Spelling quit “Scary Movie 2”, she was replaced by Kathleen Robertson, who took over the role of Alex Monday. Kathleen did an excellent job in her performance and received positive reviews for her portrayal of Alex in the movie.

Tori’s Thoughts on Leaving

In an interview with People Magazine at the time, Tori spoke about having to leave “Scary Movie 2” and said that it was a difficult decision for her. She also mentioned that she was disappointed to leave the project but had no other choice as her health was a priority.


In conclusion, Tori Spelling had to leave “Scary Movie 2” due to health issues. While it was unfortunate that she couldn’t complete filming for the movie, Kathleen Robertson did an excellent job in replacing her. Despite leaving the movie early, Tori remained positive and focused on her health, which should serve as a reminder to us all that our well-being always comes first.