Why Did the Wayans Brothers Leave Scary Movie?

Scary Movie – the 2000 horror-comedy film was a massive hit among the audience. It was a parody of numerous horror films, and it had a cast of talented actors, including the Wayans brothers.

However, after the first two sequels, viewers were surprised to find that the Wayans brothers were no longer involved in the franchise. So what happened? Why did they leave Scary Movie?

Background of Scary Movie

Before we delve into why the Wayans brothers left Scary Movie, let’s take a look at how it all started. The movie was created by Keenen Ivory Wayans, who also directed and co-wrote it with his brothers, Shawn and Marlon. It starred Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell, alongside Regina Hall, Shannon Elizabeth, and Cheri Oteri.

The Success of Scary Movie

Scary Movie was an instant success and grossed over $278 million worldwide. It became one of the highest-grossing comedy films ever made and spawned four sequels. The first two sequels were also written by the Wayans brothers and featured some of their trademark humor.

Why Did They Leave?

So why did they leave? Well, according to reports, there were creative differences between them and Dimension Films – the production company behind Scary Movie. The Wayans brothers wanted more creative control over the franchise but didn’t receive it.

In an interview with Vibe magazine in 2004, Keenen Ivory Wayans revealed that he left because he felt that he couldn’t make a movie that he wanted to make anymore. He further added that Dimension Films wanted to keep making Scary Movies just for financial gain.

The Legal Battle

Moreover, there was also a legal battle between Dimension Films and the Wayans brothers regarding profits from Scary Movie 2. The brothers claimed that they were owed money from the film’s profits, but the studio refused to pay them.

The Wayans Brothers’ Legacy

The Wayans brothers’ departure from Scary Movie didn’t affect their careers in any way. They continued to make successful movies and TV shows, including White Chicks, Little Man, and In Living Color. They also created and produced the hit TV series My Wife and Kids.


In conclusion, the Wayans brothers left Scary Movie due to creative differences with Dimension Films and a legal battle over profits. However, their legacy in Hollywood is far from over, and they continue to be one of the most influential comedy-duos in the industry.