Who’s in the New Star Trek Movie?

The Star Trek franchise has been a staple in science fiction for over five decades, captivating audiences with its exploration of the final frontier. The latest installment, “Star Trek Beyond,” released in 2016, was a commercial success and left fans eagerly anticipating the next adventure.

So who’s in the new Star Trek movie? Here’s a breakdown of the cast.

Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk

Chris Pine has portrayed Captain Kirk since the 2009 reboot of the franchise. His charismatic portrayal of the iconic character has won over fans and critics alike.

In this new movie, he will once again lead the U.S. Enterprise on a dangerous mission through space.

Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock

Zachary Quinto has become synonymous with his portrayal of Commander Spock, the half-Vulcan, half-human first officer of the Enterprise. Quinto brings depth and emotion to this complex character, making him one of the most beloved members of the crew.

Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Uhura

Zoe Saldana’s portrayal of Lieutenant Uhura is a refreshing update to the character from previous iterations. Her strong and confident performance adds depth to this communications officer who can hold her own in any situation.

Simon Pegg as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott

Simon Pegg not only portrays Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott but also co-wrote the script for this new movie. His comedic timing and passion for all things Star Trek make him a valuable asset to both on-screen and off-screen aspects of this franchise.

John Cho as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

John Cho portrays Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Enterprise. His calm and collected demeanor make him a steady hand on the bridge during dangerous situations.

Anton Yelchin as Ensign Pavel Chekov

Tragically, Anton Yelchin passed away in 2016, shortly after the release of “Star Trek Beyond.” However, his portrayal of Ensign Chekov will live on in this new movie.

The filmmakers have stated that they will not be recasting the role out of respect for Yelchin’s memory.

Idris Elba as Krall

Idris Elba joins the Star Trek universe as Krall, a mysterious alien who poses a threat to the Enterprise and its crew. As one of Hollywood’s most talented actors, his performance is sure to be one of the highlights of this new movie.

In Conclusion

The new Star Trek movie brings back fan-favorite characters with an exciting new adventure. With a talented cast led by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, this movie is sure to satisfy longtime Trekkies and newcomers alike.

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