Who Was the Star of the Movie Scorpio?

Scorpio is a classic spy thriller movie that was released back in 1973. The movie was directed by Michael Winner and starred actor Burt Lancaster as the lead character, Cross. However, despite Lancaster’s impressive performance, there was another actor who truly stole the show with his outstanding portrayal of the main antagonist.

The star of Scorpio was none other than Alain Delon, a French actor who played the character of Jean “Scorpio” Laurier. Delon’s performance in Scorpio is often regarded as one of his best works in the industry.

Delon’s character, Scorpio, is a cold-blooded assassin who has been hired to kill Cross, an aging CIA agent who has gone rogue. The two characters engage in a thrilling game of cat and mouse as they try to outsmart each other while avoiding being killed.

Delon’s portrayal of Scorpio was praised for its intensity and authenticity. He perfectly captured the character’s ruthlessness and cunning nature, making him one of the most memorable villains in movie history.

In addition to his impressive acting skills, Delon also brought a certain level of style and sophistication to the character. His sharp suits and impeccable grooming were perfectly suited for the role of an assassin who operates in high society circles.

Overall, Alain Delon was undoubtedly the star of Scorpio. His exceptional performance as Jean “Scorpio” Laurier made the movie a classic in the spy thriller genre and cemented his reputation as one of France’s greatest actors.

If you haven’t seen Scorpio yet, it’s definitely worth checking out for Delon’s outstanding performance alone.