Who Was the Star of the Movie Patton?

When it comes to war movies, few can match the intensity and excitement of Patton – a 1970 film about the life of US Army General George S. Patton Jr. The film won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, and is still considered a classic in the genre.

But who was the star of this legendary movie? The answer to that question is none other than actor George C. Scott.

Scott was born in Virginia in 1927 and began his acting career in theater before transitioning to film. He gained critical acclaim for his performance as Richard III in a 1958 stage production, which led to him being cast in numerous television shows and movies.

In 1970, Scott took on what would become one of his most iconic roles: General George S. in the movie Patton. The film was directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and written by Francis Ford Coppola, both of whom would go on to have illustrious careers themselves.

Scott’s portrayal of Patton was nothing short of incredible. He captured the General’s bravado, charisma, and military prowess with ease – bringing the character to life in a way that few others could have done.

One particular scene in the movie stands out as an example of Scott’s incredible acting abilities: when Patton delivers his famous speech to the Third Army prior to their invasion of Germany. Scott’s performance is so powerful that it’s hard not to feel inspired by his words even today.

Despite his impressive performance, Scott famously declined to accept the Academy Award for Best Actor – which he won for his role as Patton – citing his disdain for awards shows and their commercialization of art.

In conclusion, George C. Scott was indeed the star of the movie Patton – delivering a stunning performance that helped make it one of the greatest war movies ever made. His portrayal of General George S. will undoubtedly remain a highlight of both his own career and the film industry as a whole.