Who Was the Girl From Scary Movie 2?

Scary Movie 2, a horror-comedy film released in 2001, featured a diverse cast of characters who provided plenty of laughs and scares. One of the most memorable characters was a young girl known as “Hanson’s daughter,” played by Kathleen Robertson.

But who was the girl from Scary Movie 2? Let’s take a closer look.

The Role of Hanson’s Daughter

In Scary Movie 2, Hanson’s daughter is introduced as a sweet and innocent girl who loves animals. She accompanies her father, Professor Oldman, on a research trip to Hell House along with a group of college students. However, after arriving at the mansion, she becomes possessed by an evil spirit and transforms into a foul-mouthed demon.

Throughout the film, Hanson’s daughter delivers some of its most memorable lines and scenes. From spitting pea soup to attacking her fellow characters with supernatural powers, she steals the show with her outrageous behavior.

The Actress Behind Hanson’s Daughter

Kathleen Robertson played Hanson’s daughter in Scary Movie 2. Born on July 8th, 1973 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Robertson began her acting career at just ten years old with small roles in television shows and films.

After gaining more experience in the industry throughout the ’90s, Robertson landed her breakout role as Clare Arnold in the hit series Beverly Hills, 90210. She went on to star in several other popular television shows such as Boss and Murder In The First.

In addition to her successful television career, Robertson has also appeared in several films over the years. Some notable roles include playing Tina Edison in Splendor (1999), Jennifer Kruz in Dog Park (1998), and Lisa Steen in Nowhere (1997).

Robertson’s Other Work

Aside from acting, Kathleen Robertson has also worked behind-the-scenes on various television shows. She served as an executive producer for the series Hollywoodland and has also directed several episodes of the Canadian drama series Northern Rescue.

In recent years, Robertson has continued to act in both television shows and films. Some of her most recent work includes roles in the series Northern Rescue and Tin Star, as well as the film Now Apocalypse.


Kathleen Robertson’s performance as Hanson’s daughter in Scary Movie 2 was a standout role that showcased her comedic and acting talents. While she may be best known for this character, Robertson’s impressive career spans multiple decades and includes a variety of roles both on-screen and off.