Who Was the Bald Woman in the Star Trek Movie?

If you’re a fan of the Star Trek franchise, you may have noticed a bald woman in one of the movies. Who was she, and what was her role in the film? Let’s dive into the details.

Introducing Persis Khambatta

The bald woman in question is Persis Khambatta, an Indian actress and model. She was born in Mumbai in 1948 and started her career as a model in the late 1960s. In 1975, she won the Miss India pageant and went on to compete for Miss Universe.

Her Acting Career

Khambatta’s modeling career gave her opportunities to act in films, and she made her debut in the Bollywood film “Love and God” in 1986. She then moved to Hollywood and landed a role as Lieutenant Ilia in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (1979).

Her Role as Lieutenant Ilia

In “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” Khambatta played a lieutenant serving aboard the USS Enterprise. Her character is part of an alien race known as the Deltans, who are known for their telepathic abilities.

Fun Fact: Khambatta’s character was originally going to have hair, but director Robert Wise thought her bald look would make her stand out more.

Khambatta’s Legacy

After “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” Khambatta appeared in several other films throughout the 1980s. She passed away from a heart attack at age 49 in 1998. However, her legacy lives on through her memorable role as Lieutenant Ilia.

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In conclusion, Persis Khambatta was a talented actress and model who made a lasting impression in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” as Lieutenant Ilia. Her bold look as a bald woman added to the uniqueness of her character and cemented her place in Star Trek history.