Who Was the Bald Woman in the First Star Trek Movie?

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you may have noticed a bald woman in the first Star Trek movie. Who was she? Let’s find out.

The Bald Woman

In the first Star Trek movie, there is a scene where the crew of the USS Enterprise is walking through a long hallway. In that scene, we see a bald woman walking in the opposite direction. She doesn’t say anything and we never see her again.

Who Played Her?

The bald woman was played by actress Persis Khambatta. She was an Indian model and actress who appeared in several Bollywood movies before making her Hollywood debut in the Star Trek movie.

Her Character

The character that Khambatta played was Lieutenant Ilia. She was the navigator of the USS Enterprise and had an interesting backstory.

Ilia was from Delta IV, a planet where humanoid beings communicate with each other using their bodies instead of their voices. This meant that she had to learn how to communicate verbally when she joined Starfleet.

Her Look

One of the most striking things about Lieutenant Ilia was her appearance. She had a completely bald head, which was unusual for women characters at that time. The decision to make her bald was deliberate and meant to symbolize Ilia’s unique background and culture.


Although Lieutenant Ilia only appeared in one Star Trek movie, she left a lasting impression on fans. Her character has been referenced in later Star Trek shows and movies, and even inspired some cosplayers to dress up as her.


So there you have it – the mystery of the bald woman in the first Star Trek movie solved. Although she only appeared briefly, Persis Khambatta’s portrayal of Lieutenant Ilia has become an iconic part of Star Trek lore.