Who Sings the Songs in the Movie Catch a Christmas Star?

Are you a fan of the movie Catch a Christmas Star? Do you find yourself humming along to the catchy tunes in the film?

If so, you might be wondering who sings those songs. In this article, we will explore the talented artists behind the music and lyrics of this heartwarming holiday movie.

The Soundtrack

Catch a Christmas Star is a made-for-TV movie that premiered on Hallmark Channel in 2013. The film follows Nikki Crandon (played by Shannon Elizabeth), a pop star who returns to her hometown for Christmas and reunites with her high school sweetheart Chris (played by Steve Byers). The soundtrack for Catch a Christmas Star features six original songs that add to the festive and romantic atmosphere of the movie.

“Catch a Christmas Star”

The title track “Catch a Christmas Star” is performed by singer-songwriter and actress Shannon Elizabeth. In addition to starring in the film, Elizabeth also contributed her vocal talents to this upbeat holiday tune.

The song captures the magic and wonder of Christmastime with lyrics like “Catch a Christmas star, make your wish come true. Fill your heart with cheer, let it shine bright and clear.”

“Greatest Time of Year”

“Greatest Time of Year” is another lively song featured in Catch a Christmas Star. This pop-rock track is performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Alyssa Reid. With its catchy chorus and cheerful melody, “Greatest Time of Year” perfectly encapsulates the joy and excitement of spending time with loved ones during the holidays.

“Wrapped Up in Christmas”

Singer-songwriter Tiffany Desrosiers lends her powerful vocals to “Wrapped Up in Christmas,” an emotional ballad that plays during a pivotal moment in the film. The song’s heartfelt lyrics express the importance of cherishing every moment with those we hold dear during the holiday season.

“In Love on Christmas”

“In Love on Christmas” is a romantic duet sung by Steve Byers and Julia Stone. Byers, who plays the male lead Chris in the film, showcases his impressive singing skills alongside Stone’s sweet and soulful voice. The song’s lyrics convey the warmth and tenderness of falling in love during the most magical time of the year.

“Perfect Christmas Night”

“Perfect Christmas Night” is a cheerful and upbeat holiday song performed by Canadian singer-songwriter George Canyon. With its jolly melody and festive lyrics, “Perfect Christmas Night” is sure to put you in a merry mood.

“This Time of Year”

Lastly, “This Time of Year” is a beautiful acoustic ballad that closes out the movie. The song’s lyrics speak to the nostalgia and sentimentality that often accompany the holiday season. Singer-songwriter Alisha Newton delivers a heartfelt performance that captures the emotional depth of this touching song.

  • Catch a Christmas Star – Shannon Elizabeth
  • Greatest Time of Year – Alyssa Reid
  • Wrapped Up in Christmas – Tiffany Desrosiers
  • In Love on Christmas – Steve Byers & Julia Stone
  • Perfect Christmas Night – George Canyon
  • This Time of Year – Alisha Newton

In Conclusion

The songs featured in Catch a Christmas Star are an integral part of what makes this movie so enjoyable. From Shannon Elizabeth’s catchy title track to Alisha Newton’s poignant closing ballad, each song adds something special to the film’s heartwarming story. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, or acoustic music, the soundtrack of Catch a Christmas Star has something for everyone to enjoy.