Who Sang the Star Spangled Banner in the Movie Drumline?

If you are a fan of the movie Drumline, you might have wondered who sang the Star Spangled Banner in the opening scene. The answer to this question is not straightforward, as there were multiple performers involved in creating this iconic rendition of the national anthem.

The Making of the Drumline’s Star Spangled Banner

The opening scene of Drumline shows the fictional Atlanta A&T University marching band performing a stunning version of the Star Spangled Banner before a football game. The scene features a soloist who sings the first verse of the anthem, accompanied by a choir and an orchestral arrangement.

The Soloist – Melissa Harrold

The soloist who sings the first verse of the national anthem is Melissa Harrold, an accomplished singer and actress. Harrold is not credited in the movie, but her performance was crucial to creating the emotional impact of the scene.

Harrold’s powerful vocals and emotive delivery capture both the majesty and vulnerability of Francis Scott Key’s lyrics. Her voice soars over the choir and orchestra, carrying both pride and sorrow in equal measure.

The Choir – The Morehouse College Glee Club

The choir that accompanies Harrold in singing the Star Spangled Banner is none other than The Morehouse College Glee Club. Founded in 1911, The Morehouse College Glee Club is one of America’s oldest and most renowned all-male choral ensembles.

In Drumline, The Morehouse College Glee Club provides rich harmonies and soaring backing vocals that elevate Harrold’s performance to new heights. Their powerful presence adds depth and complexity to an already impressive rendition of America’s national anthem.

The Arrangement – John Debney

The orchestral arrangement that accompanies Harrold’s vocals and The Morehouse College Glee Club’s harmonies was composed by John Debney. Known for his work on movies like The Passion of the Christ and Iron Man 2, Debney is a veteran composer with a knack for creating memorable and emotional musical scores.

Debney’s arrangement for Drumline’s Star Spangled Banner combines traditional orchestral elements with modern flourishes. The result is a cinematic sound that perfectly captures the drama and excitement of a college football game.


In conclusion, the Star Spangled Banner in Drumline is a collaborative effort that brings together the talents of Melissa Harrold, The Morehouse College Glee Club, and John Debney. Each contribution adds depth and complexity to an already impressive performance that captures the spirit and emotion of America’s national anthem. Whether you are a fan of marching bands, football games or simply great music, there is something special about this iconic rendition that continues to resonate with audiences today.