Who Plays the Girl in Scary Movie?

Are you a fan of the Scary Movie franchise? If so, have you ever wondered who played the girl in the first film?

Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will reveal who portrayed this iconic character and provide some interesting facts about her.

The girl in Scary Movie is none other than Anna Faris! She played the role of Cindy Campbell, a high school student who becomes entangled in a series of gruesome murders. Faris was relatively unknown at the time of filming, but her performance in Scary Movie catapulted her to stardom.

Anna Faris – The Actress Behind the Girl in Scary Movie

Anna Faris was born on November 29, 1976, in Baltimore, Maryland. She began acting at a young age and eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood. Before landing the role of Cindy Campbell in Scary Movie, Faris had appeared in several small film and television roles.

The Making of Scary Movie

Scary Movie was released in 2000 and was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. The film was a parody of popular horror movies such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. It featured a talented ensemble cast that included Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Jon Abrahams, and Shannon Elizabeth.

Faris auditioned for the role of Cindy Campbell and impressed the filmmakers with her comedic timing and acting ability. She was ultimately cast as the lead character and delivered an unforgettable performance that helped make Scary Movie a box office success.

The Legacy of Scary Movie

Scary Movie spawned four sequels and has become a cult classic among horror fans. The film’s success also helped launch Anna Faris’ career as an actress. She went on to star in several other films including The House Bunny, Just Friends, and The Dictator.


So there you have it – Anna Faris played the girl in Scary Movie! Her performance in the film helped launch her career and cemented her status as a talented comedic actress. Scary Movie remains a beloved horror parody and continues to entertain audiences to this day.