Who Plays the Dad in Scary Movie 4?

Scary Movie 4 is a horror comedy film that was released in 2006. It was directed by David Zucker and written by Craig Mazin and Jim Abrahams.

The movie features a star-studded cast, including Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, and Leslie Nielsen. However, one of the most memorable characters in the movie is the dad. So who plays the dad in Scary Movie 4?

The role of the dad is played by actor Craig Bierko. Bierko is an American actor and singer who has appeared in several movies and TV shows throughout his career. He was born on August 18, 1964, in Rye Brook, New York.

Bierko’s career began in the mid-1990s when he appeared in various TV shows like “Sydney,” “The Powers That Be,” and “Madman of the People.” He also had roles in movies like “The Long Kiss Goodnight” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

In Scary Movie 4, Bierko plays Tom Ryan, a father who is struggling to protect his family from an alien invasion. Tom Ryan is a parody of Tom Cruise’s character from the Steven Spielberg movie “War of the Worlds.”

Bierko’s performance as Tom Ryan was praised by critics for its comedic timing and delivery. His character’s over-the-top reactions to the alien invasion added to the movie’s humor.

Aside from acting, Bierko has also pursued a career in theater. He has appeared on Broadway productions like “Guys and Dolls,” “Thou Shalt Not,” and “The Music Man.” Bierko has also released an album titled “Craig Bierko” under Geffen Records.

In conclusion, Craig Bierko plays the dad in Scary Movie 4. His portrayal of Tom Ryan added to the movie’s comedic value, making it one of the most memorable characters in the film. Bierko’s career has spanned over two decades, proving that he is a talented actor who can tackle any role thrown his way.