Who Plays Officer Doofy in Scary Movie?

If you’re a fan of the Scary Movie franchise, you may be wondering who played the character Officer Doofy in the first film. Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll dive into the actor behind this iconic role.

The Actor: Dave Sheridan

Officer Doofy was portrayed by actor Dave Sheridan. Born on March 10, 1969, in Newark, Delaware, Sheridan has had an extensive career in both film and television.

Sheridan got his start in acting as a member of the improv comedy group “The Tenderloins”. The group eventually went on to create the hit TV show “Impractical Jokers”. Sheridan’s big break came when he was cast as Officer Doofy in Scary Movie.

Who is Officer Doofy?

For those who aren’t familiar with Scary Movie, Officer Doofy is a bumbling police officer who is tasked with investigating a string of murders that are plaguing a small town. Despite his best efforts, he fails miserably at solving the case.

Officer Doofy quickly became a fan-favorite character due to his comedic timing and hilarious antics. He provided much-needed comic relief in an otherwise tense and scary movie.

  • Trivia: Officer Doofy’s name is a play on words. “Doofus” means foolish or stupid.
  • Trivia: The character’s name was originally going to be Officer Fife (a nod to The Andy Griffith Show), but it was changed to avoid any potential legal issues.

Other Roles

While many fans remember Dave Sheridan for his role as Officer Doofy, he has had an extensive career beyond just that one character. Some of his other notable roles include:

  • Doug in Ghost World (2001)
  • Special Agent Sam Monroe in The Devil’s Rejects (2005)
  • Deputy Winston in A Haunted House (2013)


While Dave Sheridan has played numerous roles throughout his career, he will always be remembered for his portrayal of Officer Doofy in Scary Movie. His comedic timing and unique brand of humor made him a fan-favorite character that is still remembered fondly today.