Who Plays Katie Scary Movie 3?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Scary Movie 3. One of the standout characters in the film is Katie, who is played by an actress named Erica Ash. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Erica Ash and her role in Scary Movie 3.

Who is Erica Ash?

Erica Ash is an American actress, comedian, singer, and model. She was born on September 19, 1977, in Florida.

After graduating from Emory University with a degree in theater and music, she began her career as a stage actress. She later transitioned into television and film roles.

Erica Ash’s Acting Career

Erica Ash has appeared in numerous television shows and movies throughout her career. Some of her most notable roles include:

  • Devyn on “MADtv”
  • Bridgette Hart on “The Real Husbands of Hollywood”
  • Maura on “Survivor’s Remorse”
  • Cheryl in “Uncle Drew”

In addition to her acting work, Erica Ash has also released music albums and performed as a stand-up comedian.

Katie in Scary Movie 3

In Scary Movie 3, Erica Ash plays the character Katie. Katie is the daughter of Brenda Meeks (played by Regina Hall) and niece of Cindy Campbell (played by Anna Faris). She is portrayed as a rebellious teenager who enjoys partying and getting into trouble.

Throughout the movie, Katie plays a key role in helping Cindy and her friends unravel the mystery behind a videotape that seems to cause anyone who watches it to die within seven days.

The Legacy of Scary Movie

Scary Movie 3 was released in 2003 and was the third installment in the Scary Movie franchise. The series is known for its parody of popular horror movies and has become a cult classic among fans of the genre.

Erica Ash’s portrayal of Katie in Scary Movie 3 helped to solidify her place as a talented comedic actress. Her performance was praised by critics and audiences alike, and helped to launch her career to new heights.


In conclusion, Erica Ash is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in both television and film. Her portrayal of Katie in Scary Movie 3 helped to showcase her comedic chops and cemented her status as a rising star in Hollywood. If you haven’t seen Scary Movie 3 yet, it’s definitely worth checking out to see Erica Ash’s memorable performance as Katie.