Who Played the Possessed Girl in Scary Movie 2?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you might have watched the Scary Movie franchise. The second movie in the franchise was released in 2001 and is known for its hilarious take on classic horror movies.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involves a possessed girl who terrorizes the main characters. But who played this creepy role? Let’s find out.

The Possessed Girl

In Scary Movie 2, the possessed girl is named Megan Voorhees. She is portrayed as a sweet and innocent young girl who becomes possessed by a demonic spirit after playing with a Ouija board. The character is known for her creepy giggles and head-spinning antics that will send shivers down your spine.

The Actress

So who played this iconic role? Megan Voorhees was portrayed by Natasha Lyonne, an American actress, writer, and producer. Lyonne started her career as a child actor and has appeared in several movies and TV shows over the years.

Fun Fact: Natasha Lyonne also starred in another horror-comedy movie called “Slums of Beverly Hills” which was released in 1998.

Natasha Lyonne’s Career

Natasha Lyonne has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. She made her acting debut at the age of six with a role in the movie “Heartburn”.

She gained recognition for her roles in movies like “American Pie” and “But I’m A Cheerleader”. However, it was her role as Nicky Nichols on Netflix’s hit show “Orange Is The New Black” that brought her mainstream success.

  • “American Pie” (1999)
  • “But I’m A Cheerleader” (1999)
  • “Kate & Leopold” (2001)
  • “Orange Is The New Black” (2013-2019)

The Legacy of Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2 was a huge success at the box office, grossing over $140 million worldwide. The movie was praised for its hilarious take on classic horror movies like “The Exorcist” and “Poltergeist”. It also helped launch the careers of several actors like Anna Faris and Regina Hall.

Fun Fact: Natasha Lyonne’s character Megan Voorhees was named after Jason Voorhees, the iconic villain from the “Friday The 13th” franchise.


Natasha Lyonne’s portrayal of Megan Voorhees is one of the most memorable performances in Scary Movie 2. Her creepy giggles and head-spinning antics will always be remembered by horror-comedy fans. Despite being a parody movie, Scary Movie 2 has become a cult classic and continues to be enjoyed by audiences to this day.