Who Played the Little Girl in Scary Movie 3?

If you’re a fan of the Scary Movie franchise, you may be wondering who played the little girl in Scary Movie 3. Her name is Erica Ash, and she played the character of Kendra in the 2003 horror-comedy film.

Who is Erica Ash?

Erica Ash is an American actress and comedian who was born on September 19, 1977, in Florida. She grew up in Snellville, Georgia, and attended Emory University in Atlanta. After graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Theater, she moved to New York City to pursue her acting career.

Erica Ash’s Acting Career

Erica Ash’s acting career began in theater productions such as “The Lion King” and “Spamalot.” She also appeared on television shows such as “Law & Order,” “Cold Case,” and “ER.”

However, her breakout role came when she was cast as Bridgette Hart on the BET series “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” This role led to more opportunities for Erica, including a recurring role on the hit Showtime series “Masters of Sex.”

Erica Ash’s Role in Scary Movie 3

In Scary Movie 3, Erica Ash played the character Kendra. Kendra was a young girl who was possessed by an evil spirit that caused her to speak with a deep voice and perform strange acts.

Despite only having a small role in the movie, Erica’s performance as Kendra was memorable and helped solidify her place as an up-and-coming actress.


In conclusion, if you were wondering who played the little girl in Scary Movie 3, it was none other than Erica Ash. Since then, Erica has continued to make a name for herself in both television and film. Keep an eye out for this talented actress as she continues to make her mark on the entertainment industry.