Who Played the Fat Girl in Scary Movie?

If you’ve seen the popular comedy horror film, Scary Movie, you may have noticed the character of ‘the fat girl’. This character played a pivotal role in the movie and had audiences laughing out loud with her hilarious antics. But who played this memorable character?

The actress who played ‘the fat girl’ in Scary Movie was Shannon Elizabeth. Elizabeth is an American actress and former fashion model who has appeared in numerous films and television shows over the years.

In Scary Movie, Elizabeth played the character of Buffy Gilmore, a stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’ who is part of a group of friends being terrorized by a masked killer. While her character was often ridiculed for her weight and perceived lack of intelligence, Elizabeth brought a certain charm and humor to the role that made it unforgettable.

But despite being known as ‘the fat girl’ in Scary Movie, Elizabeth’s weight has never been an issue for her. In fact, she has spoken openly about embracing her curves and promoting body positivity.

Aside from Scary Movie, Elizabeth has appeared in other popular films such as American Pie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts over the years, including animal welfare and environmental conservation.

In conclusion, Shannon Elizabeth played the iconic character of ‘the fat girl’ in Scary Movie. Her performance added to the movie’s comedic appeal and showcased her acting chops. While she may have been typecasted in this particular role due to her appearance, she continues to be a respected actress who promotes body positivity and gives back to worthy causes.