Who Played the Blonde Girl in Scary Movie?

Scary Movie is a horror-comedy that was released in 2000. It was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, and it pokes fun at the stereotypical horror movie tropes.

The film features a star-studded cast, including Anna Faris, Regina Hall, and Marlon Wayans. However, one of the most memorable performances in the movie comes from the blonde girl who appears in several scenes. So who played this character?

The actress who played the blonde girl in Scary Movie is Carmen Electra.

Carmen Electra is an American actress and model who has been active in Hollywood since the 1990s. She has appeared in numerous films and TV shows throughout her career, including Baywatch, Disaster Movie, and Meet the Spartans.

In Scary Movie, Carmen Electra plays a character named Drew Decker. Drew is a high school student who becomes the Target of a masked killer. Drew’s character is a parody of Casey Becker from Scream, another popular horror movie from the 90s.

Carmen Electra’s performance as Drew Decker was widely praised by both audiences and critics alike. Her comedic timing and ability to poke fun at horror movie tropes helped to make Scary Movie a hit with audiences around the world.

Aside from her role in Scary Movie, Carmen Electra has also appeared in other comedic films such as Date Movie and Epic Movie. She has also worked as a television host on shows like Singled Out and Britain’s Got Talent.

In conclusion, Carmen Electra played the role of Drew Decker – the blonde girl – in Scary Movie. Her performance helped to make this film a cult classic amongst horror-comedy fans everywhere. With her talent for comedy and acting prowess, it’s no surprise that she continues to be one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses today.