Who Played Marvin on Scary Movie 4?

Are you a fan of the Scary Movie franchise? If so, you may have wondered who played Marvin in Scary Movie 4. Marvin is a character that appears in the opening scene of the movie and is hilariously killed off.

If you’re curious about the actor behind this humorous role, keep reading to find out.

The Actor Behind Marvin

Marvin was played by actor DeRay Davis. Davis is a comedian and actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows throughout his career.

Davis’s Career

Davis had his first television appearance on BET’s ComicView in the late ’90s. He went on to appear on several other comedy shows before landing roles in movies such as “Barbershop” and “Semi-Pro.”

In addition to his acting career, Davis has also released several stand-up comedy specials. He was even featured in Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup” series.

Scary Movie 4

“Scary Movie 4” was released in 2006 and is a parody of popular horror movies such as “The Grudge,” “Saw,” and “The Village.” The movie features several celebrity cameos, including Shaquille O’Neal, Carmen Electra, and Chris Elliott.

Marvin appears at the beginning of the movie during a parody of “Saw.” He is shown waking up in a bathroom with his foot chained to a pipe.

He tries to escape but accidentally pulls out his own eye with a plunger. The scene is both gruesome and comical.


So there you have it – DeRay Davis is the actor behind Marvin in Scary Movie 4. His comedic talent brings life to this brief but memorable character. If you haven’t seen Scary Movie 4 yet, make sure to check it out for a good laugh.