Who Played in the Movie Lone Star State of Mind?

If you’re a fan of crime comedies, you might be wondering who played in the movie Lone Star State of Mind. This 2002 film is a fun ride through small-town Texas, with plenty of laughs and action to keep you entertained. Here’s a rundown of the main cast and their roles:

Joshua Jackson as Earl Crest

First up is Joshua Jackson, who plays Earl Crest. You might recognize him from his role as Pacey on Dawson’s Creek, but in this movie he’s all grown up and playing a small-time criminal trying to get out of town.

Earl is a likable guy despite his questionable career choices, and Jackson brings just the right amount of charm to the role.

Jaime King as Baby

Jaime King plays Baby, Earl’s girlfriend who dreams of escaping their dead-end life together. King brings plenty of sass and attitude to the role, making Baby a memorable character even when she’s not on screen.

Matthew Davis as Jimbo

Matthew Davis plays Jimbo, Earl’s best friend and partner in crime. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box but he means well, and Davis delivers some great comedic moments throughout the film.

Ryan Hurst as Tinker

Ryan Hurst plays Tinker, a local cop who has it out for Earl and his crew. If you’re familiar with Sons of Anarchy, you’ll recognize Hurst as Opie from that series – but in Lone Star State of Mind he’s on the other side of the law.

John Mellencamp as Sheriff Tatum

Yes, that John Mellencamp – the singer-songwriter also has an acting career! In Lone Star State of Mind, he plays the local sheriff who’s trying to keep the peace in his town.

Mellencamp brings a quiet authority to the role, making it clear that he’s not to be messed with.

Frankie Ray as Binky

Finally, we have Frankie Ray as Binky, a low-level thug who’s causing trouble for Earl and Jimbo. Ray is hilarious in the role, bringing plenty of physical comedy and one-liners to the table.

  • In conclusion, Lone Star State of Mind has an impressive cast of actors who all bring their A-game to their roles. Whether you’re a fan of crime comedies or just looking for a fun movie to watch on a lazy afternoon, this one is worth checking out.