Who Killed Drew Decker in Scary Movie?

In the 2000 parody film Scary Movie, Drew Decker is one of the main characters who meets a gruesome fate. The question on everyone’s mind is – who killed her?

The Plot

Drew Decker is a popular high school student who is stalked by a masked killer. The killer terrorizes Drew with prank calls and eventually breaks into her house, where she meets her untimely demise.

The Suspects

There are several suspects in the murder of Drew Decker:

  • Billy Hitchcock: Drew’s boyfriend who seems to be cheating on her with another girl.
  • Bobby Prinze: Another student who is interested in Drew and gets jealous when he sees her with Billy.
  • Cindy Campbell: One of Drew’s friends who seems to be having an affair with Billy Hitchcock.
  • Ray Wilkins: A local television reporter who seems to be obsessed with the case and could have committed the murder for publicity.

The Killer

After much speculation, it is revealed that the killer is none other than Bobby Prinze. He was jealous of Billy’s relationship with Drew and wanted to eliminate his competition. He also had a motive to kill Cindy Campbell since she was involved with Billy.

The Twist

However, there is a surprising twist to this story. It turns out that Bobby was not acting alone – he was being controlled by his girlfriend, Cindy Campbell. She wanted revenge on all the people who had hurt her in high school and used Bobby as a pawn in her game of vengeance.

In Conclusion

In Scary Movie, Drew Decker’s murder was a result of jealousy, revenge, and manipulation. The film uses satire to poke fun at the horror movie genre while also delivering a satisfying murder mystery. With its clever writing and engaging characters, Scary Movie has become a cult classic and continues to entertain audiences to this day.