Who Is Villain in Scary Movie?

As horror movie fans, we all love to get scared. But what makes a horror movie truly terrifying is the villain.

The villain is the character that instills fear and creates tension in the audience. In this article, we will explore who the villain is in a scary movie.

Understanding the Role of Villain in Scary Movies

The villain in a horror movie is often the source of all evil and chaos. They are responsible for creating fear and making the audience feel uneasy. Without a strong villain, a scary movie can fall flat.

Types of Villains in Scary Movies

There are many types of villains that can appear in a scary movie. Some common ones include:

  • The Supernatural Villain: This type of villain is often not human and possesses supernatural powers or abilities. Examples include ghosts, demons, or monsters.
  • The Human Villain: This type of villain is usually a human being who has turned to evil or madness for some reason.

    Examples include serial killers or psychopaths.

  • The Psychological Villain: This type of villain messes with the mind of their victim and creates fear through psychological manipulation. Examples include characters who use hypnosis or mind control.

The Importance of a Strong Villain

A scary movie without a strong villain lacks suspense and fails to create the desired effect on its audience. A strong villain not only creates tension but also makes the audience invested in the story by making them care about what happens to the protagonist.


In conclusion, the villain in a scary movie plays an essential role in creating fear and suspense for its audience. There are different types of villains that can appear in horror movies, but ultimately, a strong villain is what makes a scary movie truly terrifying.