Who Is the Wheelchair Guy in Scary Movie?

If you’ve ever watched the popular horror-comedy film franchise Scary Movie, you may have noticed a recurring character known as “the wheelchair guy.” This character has become somewhat of an iconic figure in the franchise and has left many viewers wondering who he is and what his significance is.

First introduced in the original Scary Movie, the wheelchair guy is a character named Doofy Gilmore. Doofy is portrayed by actor Dave Sheridan and serves as a parody of the character Deputy Dewey Riley from the Scream franchise. However, unlike Dewey, who is a competent police officer, Doofy is portrayed as being mentally challenged and physically disabled.

Throughout the film, Doofy serves as comic relief, providing hilarious one-liners and physical humor. He also plays a key role in solving the mystery of who the killer is by accidentally stumbling upon incriminating evidence.

One of the most memorable scenes featuring Doofy occurs when he reveals that he’s not actually disabled but has been faking it to get attention from women. He then proceeds to stand up from his wheelchair and dance around, proving that he was never really disabled in the first place.

Despite his comedic role in Scary Movie, some viewers have criticized Doofy’s character for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about people with disabilities. However, many fans of the franchise continue to enjoy his antics and consider him to be one of the highlights of the films.

In conclusion, while “the wheelchair guy” may not be a major player in Scary Movie, he has become an unforgettable part of its legacy. With his hilarious antics and unexpected twists, Doofy Gilmore continues to make audiences laugh and wonder what crazy stunt he’ll pull next.