Who Is the Real Band in the Movie Rock Star?

If you’re a fan of 80s and 90s rock music, you may have come across the movie ‘Rock Star’. Starring Mark Wahlberg as the lead character, the movie tells the story of a tribute band singer who gets to live his dream by joining his favorite rock band. The film has its fair share of drama and excitement, but one question that often arises is – Who is the real band in the movie Rock Star?

The Real Band

The real band featured in ‘Rock Star’ is actually two different bands. The first band seen in the movie is Steel Dragon, which is based on the real-life rock band Judas Priest. The second band is Blood Pollution, which is a fictional tribute band to Steel Dragon.

Steel Dragon

Steel Dragon was formed in 1985 and was known for their heavy metal sound and over-the-top stage performances. The band consisted of lead vocalist Bobby Beers (played by Jason Flemyng in the film), guitarist Kirk Cuddy (Dominic West), bassist Jorgen “The Skull” (Jeff Pilson), drummer A.C. (Scott Travis), and keyboardist Donny Johnson (Brian Vander Ark).

Judas Priest Connection

While Steel Dragon is a fictional band created for ‘Rock Star’, it’s clear that they were heavily inspired by Judas Priest. Many elements of the film’s portrayal of Steel Dragon resemble Judas Priest’s career, including their leather outfits, high-pitched vocals, and stage pyrotechnics. In fact, some members of Judas Priest were even involved in the creation of Steel Dragon’s music for the film.

Blood Pollution

Blood Pollution is a fictional tribute band to Steel Dragon that plays cover songs at local bars and clubs. They are led by Wahlberg’s character Chris “Izzy” Cole, who gets the opportunity to join Steel Dragon as their new lead vocalist.

Inspiration for Blood Pollution

While Blood Pollution is entirely fictional, they were likely inspired by real-life tribute bands that were popular in the 80s and 90s. Tribute bands are known for playing cover songs of famous bands and often replicate their outfits and stage performances.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the real band in ‘Rock Star’ is a combination of Steel Dragon, which was inspired by Judas Priest, and Blood Pollution, which is a fictional tribute band to Steel Dragon. While the film takes some creative liberties with its portrayal of these bands, it’s clear that they were heavily influenced by the rock music scene of the 80s and 90s. If you’re a fan of classic rock music or just enjoy a good drama, ‘Rock Star’ is definitely worth checking out.