Who Is the Blonde at the Start of Scary Movie?

Have you ever wondered who the blonde woman is at the start of the iconic horror-comedy film, Scary Movie? The opening scene features a young woman being terrorized by a mysterious killer, and her identity has left many fans curious.

The Actress
The actress who played the blonde woman in Scary Movie is named Drew Mikuska. She was born on December 14, 1978, in California, USA. Drew Mikuska is known for her role in Scary Movie (2000), but she also appeared in other films such as The Glass House (2001) and The Last Run (2004).

The Scene
The opening scene of Scary Movie is a parody of the opening scene from Scream (1996), which also features a young woman being terrorized by a masked killer. In Scary Movie, Drew Mikuska’s character is named “Drew Decker,” which is a reference to actress Drew Barrymore, who played the victim in the opening scene of Scream.


  • The character of Drew Decker was originally supposed to be played by actress Carmen Electra.
  • In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Drew Mikuska revealed that she filmed her scenes for Scary Movie over two days.
  • The opening scene of Scary Movie was shot at the same house used for the opening scene of Scream.
  • Drew Mikuska’s character is killed off within the first few minutes of the movie.


Now that you know more about Drew Mikuska and her role as “Drew Decker” in Scary Movie, you can appreciate this clever parody even more. Her brief appearance certainly left an impact on audiences and helped set the tone for this beloved horror-comedy film.