Who Is Talking With Snoop Dogg in Scary Movie 5?

If you’re a fan of horror-comedy movies, chances are you’ve seen Scary Movie 5. The movie, which was released in 2013, pokes fun at popular horror films and features a star-studded cast that includes Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and Snoop Dogg. While there are plenty of laughs to be had throughout the movie, one question that often comes up is: Who is talking with Snoop Dogg in Scary Movie 5?

The Mystery Guest

In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, Snoop Dogg is seen having a conversation with a mystery guest. The two are sitting in a dark room surrounded by smoke and eerie lighting. The guest speaks in a distorted voice, adding to the scene’s overall creepiness.

While the identity of this guest is never revealed in the movie itself, it has since been confirmed that it was actually actor and comedian Eddie Griffin.

Eddie Griffin’s Career

Eddie Griffin first rose to fame in the early ’90s as a stand-up comedian. He went on to star in several movies and television shows throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include playing Anton Jackson in the sitcom Malcolm & Eddie and portraying Eddie Sherman in the hit movie Undercover Brother.

Griffin has also appeared in several other spoof movies similar to Scary Movie 5. He played Orpheus in Date Movie and Pope Sweet Jesus in Norbit.

Why Was Eddie Griffin Uncredited?

One question that fans often ask is why Eddie Griffin wasn’t credited for his role as Snoop Dogg’s mystery guest. It turns out that it was actually his decision not to be listed in the credits.

In an interview with TMZ, Griffin explained that he didn’t want any credit because he wanted audiences to be surprised by his appearance. He also joked that he didn’t want anyone to know he was in the movie in case it turned out to be a flop.

In Conclusion

While Scary Movie 5 may not have been the most critically acclaimed film of all time, it certainly had its fair share of memorable moments. The scene with Snoop Dogg and Eddie Griffin’s mystery guest is just one example of the movie’s ability to keep audiences laughing. And now knowing that it was Griffin behind the distorted voice just adds another layer of intrigue to an already entertaining scene.