Who Is Robbie in Scary Movie 4?

Robbie is one of the main characters in the 2006 horror-comedy film, Scary Movie 4. He is portrayed by actor, Chris Elliott. Robbie is a quirky and eccentric character who adds humor to the film through his bizarre antics and unusual behavior.


Robbie is introduced in the beginning of the film as a farmer who lives in a remote area outside of Washington D.C. He lives with his wife, Cindy (portrayed by Carmen Electra), and his two children. When Cindy’s neighbor, Tom Ryan (portrayed by Craig Bierko), becomes involved in a mysterious alien invasion, Robbie becomes involved in the chaos as well.


Robbie’s personality is one of the most memorable aspects of his character. He is often portrayed as paranoid and delusional, leading him to make irrational decisions throughout the film. For example, he becomes convinced that his crop circles are caused by aliens and tries to communicate with them using a tin can telephone.


In addition to his paranoia, Robbie has several quirks that make him stand out from other characters in Scary Movie 4. For example, he constantly wears a hat made out of aluminum foil because he believes it will protect him from alien mind control. Additionally, he has a habit of speaking in an exaggerated southern accent even though he doesn’t have one.

Role in the Film

Although Robbie is not one of the main characters in Scary Movie 4, he plays an important role in moving the plot forward. He helps Tom Ryan investigate the alien invasion and eventually saves his family from being abducted by aliens.

Memorable Scenes

One of Robbie’s most memorable scenes occurs when he attempts to communicate with aliens using a tin can telephone while standing in a crop circle. Another memorable scene is when he and Tom Ryan dress up as characters from The Village People and perform a dance to distract the aliens.


In conclusion, Robbie is a quirky and memorable character in Scary Movie 4. His unusual behavior and paranoia add humor to the film while also helping to move the plot forward. Chris Elliott’s portrayal of Robbie has become a fan favorite among viewers of the film.