Who Is Cyrus in the Movie the Star?

The Star: A Brief Overview

Before we dive deep into who Cyrus is in the movie The Star, let’s first take a brief look at the movie itself. The Star is a 2017 animated comedy film that tells the story of the first Christmas from a different perspective – that of the animals. The movie follows a small but brave donkey named Bo, who teams up with a few other animal friends to become accidental heroes in the greatest story ever told.

Meet Cyrus, The Camel

One of the animal characters in The Star is Cyrus, a camel with a big attitude and an even bigger heart. Voiced by Tyler Perry, Cyrus plays an important role in Bo’s adventure towards Bethlehem.

The Role of Cyrus in The Star

Cyrus is first introduced as one of the three camels that Mary and Joseph ride on their journey to Bethlehem. He is shown to be grumpy, snarky and somewhat cynical about life. However, as the journey progresses and he gets to know Bo and his friends, he begins to open up and show his softer side.

Cyrus’ main role in the movie is to provide comic relief through his sarcastic one-liners and witty banter with his fellow animal counterparts. However, he also serves as a mentor figure for Bo when they get separated from Mary and Joseph. He encourages Bo to keep going and not give up on his mission.

Cyrus’ Redemption Arc

As mentioned earlier, Cyrus starts off as a grumpy character who doesn’t believe in much beyond himself. However, as he spends more time with Bo and learns about their mission to protect Mary and her unborn child, he begins to realize that there are greater things at play than just himself.

Cyrus’ redemption arc is one of the key themes in The Star. He goes from being a cynical and selfish character to a brave and selfless one who risks his own life to protect Mary and her child. This transformation is a testament to the power of friendship and the impact it can have on someone’s life.


In conclusion, Cyrus is an important character in The Star who provides comic relief, mentorship, and a redemption arc that teaches us about the power of friendship. Voiced by Tyler Perry, he is a memorable addition to an already stellar cast of animal characters. So, next time you watch The Star, keep an eye out for Cyrus – the grumpy but lovable camel with a heart of gold!